Grace Coddington Reveals Why She's Not Intimidated by Anna Wintour

Like many of you, we're pretty fascinated by all things Anna Wintour. So, when we heard that Grace Coddington revealed some dishy intel on working with the editor in chief, we were all ears.

As Fashionista reports, Coddington spoke at this weekend's Vogue Festival in London and was quite candid with her answers. When asked how she's able to work with the intimidating Wintour, Coddington simply responded: "I'm older than she is." Can't argue with that. 

Coddington also spilled her thoughts on Instagram-famous models. "I used to be able to tell [who was going to be a famous model]," she said, per Fashionista. "I find it more difficult to predict now—now this whole thing is based on how many [followers] you have on Instagram, and not on the person, and that's a world I don't know."

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Opening Image: Getty Images