This Is the One Group of People Grace Coddington Is Scared to Dress

Grace Coddington has always struck us a fearless fashion editor. The former Vogue creative director and author is the visionary behind some fantastical, and now iconic, images in the pages of the magazine. But during an appearance on Here’s the Thing, Alec Baldwin’s podcast, Coddington revealed there is one fear she does have when it comes to fashion: dressing men.

“I’m incredibly bad at dressing men,” she admits. “It scares me to dress men.” And when you think about it, she doesn’t have to very often. After all, when was the last time you saw a group of male models in the glossy? “Only celebrity men get into Vogue,” Coddington clarifies. “He’s usually an actor.”

Although we will argue that male fashion designers have been subjects of her work—notably her often referenced 2003 Alice in Wonderland shoot with Annie Leibovitz, which included Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, and Karl Lagerfeld—we can hardly recall a male model. “They’re kind of boring,” she tells Baldwin plainly. With that in mind, we don’t expect to see any of them in Coddington’s work for Vogue (or elsewhere) anytime soon.

Scroll down to listen to the complete podcast, and shop a staple of Coddington’s closet: black trousers.

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