How to Pull Off the Most Badass Fall Trend: Goth

The biggest trends of this fall season are pretty all over the map, with the '80s, Victorian-era details, and ballet-inspired silhouettes all being sufficiently represented. But by far the most badass of them all (and, admittedly, one of our favorites) is also one of the toughest to pull off: goth.

The '90s trend is back in full force this fall season, with black lipstick, patent leather details, and black chokers making an appearance. The trick to pulling off the look—without looking a tad, well, crazy—lies in one concept: minimalism. Express the goth trend in just one element of your outfit; don't go overboard with it. With just a small detail here and there, the goth will shine through plenty, but you'll look completely sane—win, win.

We pulled out a few specific designers who did goth right this runway season, to provide some inspiration. Keep scrolling to see how you can pull off the goth trend this season!