An Editor Answers Google's Most Searched Fashion Questions of 2015

As a fashion editor, there are many questions that come my way throughout the year, high-brow to low, complex to simple. Sometimes I know the answer straight away (like, no, neon hasn’t been in for an age), and sometimes it’s harder to respond quickly (does the brand name Vetements require the French ê?), but more often than not, it’s the most basic things that we all want to know: Where can you find comfy heels? I say spend, don’t be stingy, look to long-established brands who have great factories in Spain or Italy… Mostly I’d say go to Prada and seek out the mainline pieces that are outside of the trendy catwalk styles. Does your gym gear really matter? Yes, if you are asking for performance on every level, but also motivation: Look the part, be the part, right?

So I was intrigued to see Google’s most searched questions and figured I'd answer them. Right here. Right now. Scroll down to see what I (really) think of each one…

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