The Chicest Accessory at the Golden Globes Was Also the Cheapest

It's safe to say celebrities will always be loyal to diamonds, but on the star-studded red carpet for last night's Golden Globes, we couldn't help but notice that a few It girls traded at least some of their jewels for an accessory that costs just a few bucks: a simple black ribbon. Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams, and Riley Keough each added one to their look to give it a fresh, youthful feel. Miller and Keough tied one into their hair, while Williams opted to tie a velvet ribbon into a bow around her neck as a makeshift choker. 

While adorning oneself with bows may be something you thought you left behind with your elementary school days, it's clear to see that a simple black ribbon looks incredibly chic when paired with something sleek  (especially in black or white, as proven by these three actresses). And perhaps the best part is that you can get an entire spool of ribbon for just around $10, making this most likely the cheapest accessory on the red carpet last night. 

Keep scrolling to see how Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams, and Riley Keough used ribbons to add a cool, girlish edge to their Golden Globes looks. 

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Opening Image: Getty Images