The One Type of Shoes I'd Never Wear Out at Night

I've admittedly learned the hard way over the years that not every shoe that looks pretty and fun is durable enough to survive a night out. Durable, you ask? A fact about typical nighttime locations that one might frequent—restaurants, bars, parties, and concerts included—is that they're usually crowded, with shoes on the verge of stepping and drinks on the verge of being spilled. Hence the reason I've deemed one of the most common shoe styles a no-go for evenings out—suede. Given its nappy surface, suede scuffs and stains quickly and is difficult to clean once the damage has been done. And since enjoying oneself is usually the goal when out at night, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether or not your precious suede shoes will survive. 

That said, avoiding a closet full of suede shoes is easier said than done. These days, suede seems to have surpassed leather as the most common shoe fabrication, and we happen to think that it makes any shoe look more expensive and luxurious. But if you're going to a crowded location, we advise opting for leather. It's easier to clean and repels liquid more effectively.

Check out our non-suede shoe picks below, with options for both dressy and casual nights out. 

Have crowded venues already taken a toll on your suede shoes? Try this cleaning kit to revive them and protector to avoid future damage.

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