Patent Leather

Patent leather is sneaky. It has some of the most wildly disparate associations: tap dancing, Easter Sunday (when little girls sport black, patent, Mary Janes with their frilly dresses), the Queen of England (loves her lunch box-style pocketbooks), and fetish gear. Right now though, it's reinventing itself once again, this time as the season's most amazing accessories. And so, dear readers, we suggest that you go buy some patent leather immediately.

Much like white shoes, patent leather is now acceptable year-round. While black is a classic choice, we've been drawn to some of spring's bright pieces, as seen here. One of the fantastic things about patent leather is that it's easy to find swell-looking inexpensive pieces (just be careful with white, that's the exception to the former statement). For example, while the strawberry Louboutins that Mary Kate's has on in the above picture are perfection, they're not for everyone's budget ($540, available at select Christian Louboutin stores). Fortunately we've sourced a very similar shoe (don't laugh)-Jessica Simpson Henri pump in red ($69,

1. Miu Miu pink heels, $395,
2. Delia's blue quilted bag, $19.95,
3. Gap black flats, $39.50,
4. Forever 21 yellow Mallory belt, $7.80,
5. Victoria's Secret red clutch, $45,
6. Christian Louboutin green mary jane, $595,
7. Miu Miu black cuff, $150,