Oversized Earrings

At WhoWhatWear.com, we love reporting from fashion's front lines and breaking news about the season's biggest trends. And although we usually mean the latter as a figure of speech, today we're just being descriptive, as the season's supersized earrings are sounding our Go Buy Now alarm! Although we spotted innumerable variations of statement earrings on the Spring 09 runways (ranging from Louis Vuitton's tribal-inspired Medal of Honor Hoops ($2420, 415.391.6200) to the clusters of fauna, like the Petal Acrylic Earrings ($450), at Marni), we couldn't help but swoon for the shoulder-dusting styles shown at Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren.

Using these giant, gleaming earrings as their accessory focal point, both Posen and Lauren invoked visions of old Hollywood glamour, while simultaneously adding a dash of ornate artistry to their runway looks. At Ralph Lauren, a casual shorts-and-tee ensemble was shown with a delicate pair of Crystal Chandelier Earrings ($1895), a styling decision that upgraded the otherwise simple look. Posen opted for chunkier pieces for his show; he chose three different styles of Erickson Beamon Silver Coin Earrings ($355) to compliment his spring collection. These coin-and-chain embellished earrings heightened the sumptuous look of his stunning cocktail dress and premiere-worthy gowns. Though the two designers incorporated today's GBN item in completely different ways, both showed us how the oversized opulence of statement earrings can add a little luxury to any look.

Aside from finding a stunning, supersized set of earrings, to execute this trend perfectly, you also need thoughtfully styled hair. Though definitely dramatic, the Zac Posen show offered one amazing example: a combination of rockabilly pompadour and a half-ponytail certainly sets the stage for bold earrings. Personally, we're going to take a hair how-to from Rihanna and pair massive earrings with a modern updo. Spotted at Bar Deluxe in West Hollywood, the singer's pinned-up ringlets showed off her vintage earrings, Balmain Exaggerated Shoulder Top ($2320), and Boy by Band of Outsiders Stripes Suspender Skirt ($640) in an elegant way. Though we can't offer you an identical option for Rihanna's winged earrings, check out Max & Chloe's Cubic Zirconia Encrusted Moveable Earrings ($170) for a similar style!

While you deliberate about which way to wear your hair, we'll start you off with a few stunning examples of these inherently sexy earrings. Though most of these selections are a bit on the pricey side, there are lots of ways you achieve an equivalent look for less. Accordingly, we've given you some inexpensive options for each style, so you can enjoy the trend at any price point.

1. Miriam Haskell Squirrel Earrings ($350)
The first set we picked for your pierced pleasure is an antique-inspired pair by Miriam Haskell. The rococo style and turquoise-and-coral details will add the perfect amount of embellishment to any ensemble. Though they've got a decidedly formal vibe, they'd look amazing worn during the day with an understated ensemble. On a slightly less expensive note, we'd also like to point out bebe's Filigree Beaded Chandelier Earrings ($29), as they are lovely and lavish too.

2. Erickson Beamon for Zac Posen Silver Coin Earrings ($355)
We may not be able to buy Zac Posen's Leopard-Print Silk Dress ($2715) or mint green Baby Jersey Dress ($2920), but a straight-from-the-catwalk pair of earrings is a bit easier to swing! As briefly discussed earlier, Erickson Beamon created three different styles of miniature-silver-coin earrings for Posen's runway show, ranging in price from $355 for the smallest set to $478 for the grande version. The babies, shown above, will be available on Net-A-Porter.comicon in the very near future, or you can custom order a pair from the Erickson Beamon showroom (212.643.4810) directly. We love their panache and cascading design: they'll add a dash of exotic intrigue to any outfit! To achieve a similar effect for less, try Ben Amun's Small Coin Chandelier Earrings ($155) or Wet Seal's Coin Chandelier Earrings ($6) in silver, as both have a similar look to the amazing runway examples.

3. Elizabeth Cole Holy Mackerel! Earrings ($178)
Since our favorite oversized earrings feature some old-Hollywood style, we were immediately infected with the Go Buy Now bug when we spotted the Holy Mackerel! Earrings at Anthropologie. The rhinestone pair could have been plucked from your grandma's costume jewelry box-assuming granny's the cool kind who's long on vintage Chanel and fashionable flair-while the kitschy fish-design is simply too cute.

4. Annie Costello Brown Asymmetrical Earrings ($125, 310.652.1120)
Eighties-aficionados and fashion-forward tastemakers alike will love these unusual earrings from one of our favorite jewelry designers: Annie Costello Brown. Known for her bohemian fringe necklaces, ACB impressed us with this edgy, mismatched pair of Asymmetrical Earrings. The onyx chain offers a hint of noir glamour, while the leather geometric accent are a delightfully post-modern touch.

5. Made her Think Josephine Tassel Earrings ($140)
This last pair is perhaps our sexiest offering and they promise to make you radiate retro screen-siren style. The richness and fluidity of the dangling tassels reminds us of Anne Baxter as the ingénue in All About Eve, seducing us with their liquid shape. Create your own cinematic memory with Made Her Think's Josephine Tassel Earrings: just sweep your hair back, show off your lovely wares, and be prepared to inspire all sorts of earring envy! If you'd rather not invest, but still love the look, check out Forever 21's Rhinestone Tassel Earrings ($5), for another great option.-Liza Kaplan

Photo of Rihanna from Pacific Coast News.