Get Dirty

What exactly is a texture spray? The right does-it-all potion should create volume, separation, and hold. Jonathan's Dry Dirt Texture Spray ($22) is a little different. The new product is like their classic Texture Paste, but with a more advanced texturizing agent and in aerosol form, which allows for light and even distribution of an otherwise heavy formula. So why is it so great? It offers hairspray-like hold, pumps up the volume like dry shampoo, and delivers the shine and texture of an old-school wax.If you're like me you prefer your hair the day after you wash it. But day two is a crapshoot--I never know if I'm going to wake up with hair that is perfectly textured or too messy not to wash. This spray is the quick fix to take day one's clean hair to day two texture. The key is to start light and build. Start with a small spray, let it soak in for a minute, and tousle your hair before applying more. Use a heavier hand to prep clean hair for an updo or ponytail--it gives tresses the thickness and grit they need to hold a style all day and night. I also apply it after I curl my hair to turn barrel curls messy. Put simply: it's day two hair, without the wait.

-Lexy Lebsack