Do You Stare at a Screen All Day? These Glasses Could Save Your Eyesight

Though I’m inevitably jinxing myself by saying this, I’ve been blessed with 20/20 vision my entire life. Every other member in my family wears glasses except me. Perhaps it was my affinity for carrots as a child or my penchant for getting enough sleep every night, but after 29 years, I still don’t need glasses, and I am quite grateful for it.

So when I had a desk-side meeting with EyeBuyDirect recently, I figured the company’s product would be helpful to me only in the sense that I’d be able to recommend it to readers with prescriptions. Little did I know that as I write this very article I’d have a pair of frames on my face.

Why am I wearing glasses all of a sudden? Not because there was a seismic shift in my eyesight (thankfully). No, I’m wearing these frames because the brand just introduced digital protection lenses that help counteract the negative effects that come from the blue light emitted by digital screens. The digital screens that most of us spend over eight hours a day staring at (e.g., Instagram, Snapchat, work computers, and so on).

Not only do these lenses fight against smaller-scale grievances like headaches and eye fatigue, but they also can help with long-term damages that come with exposure to blue-violet and high-energy visible light. After hearing about this new technology, I knew I had to put them to the test.

Every day as I arrived to the office last week, I slid into my chair and grabbed my new glasses. I have to admit it felt sort of like dress-up. People walked by my desk and did double takes, which then prompted me to explain the experiment and offer a quick test run in the glasses, since you can definitely notice the difference once you put them on and look at a computer screen.

Though I can’t say that there were any dramatic changes over the course of the week, I will say that my eyeballs feel less tired at the end of the day, and I haven’t had any headaches. Additionally, when I’ve been wearing the glasses for an hour or so, when I take them off the raw screen is harsh to look at, and makes me wonder if I should have been wearing these protective lenses long ago. Only time will tell, I suppose. Scroll to shop the digital protective lenses so you can decide for yourself!