Gisele Freaking Out Is the Best GIF of the Super Bowl

Gisele Bündchen showed the world how to celebrate a game-winning comeback, and it's gone viral. Just when we thought Lady Gaga's showstopping performance would outshine the game, the New England Patriots miraculously defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34 to 28 in a dramatic and historical overtime.

Bündchen totally lost it the moment she realized husband Tom Brady's team would be taking home the Lombardi trophy, and the cameras caught her joyful reactions. The 36-year-old was filming the celebration around her on her phone before turning the camera on herself and screaming while shaking her head. We don't blame her for being in the mood to let loose and go wild. The incredible victory earned her husband a record-setting fifth Super Bowl win (and ring), which Bündchen reminded everyone in another clip by throwing her hand up in the air as she screamed "five!" At one point, the supermodel was so excited she even dropped her phone. Bündchen is not just Brady's wife, but clearly his biggest fan.

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Opening Image: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images