Katie Leung

The Harry Potter mania that swept the world this summer was nearly annoying (the bookworm side of us enjoyed the commotion). Our darling interns arrived at the office sans energy (their tiredness brought on by late-night reading of the final book), we were visually assaulted by Daniel Radcliffe images everywhere, and we felt disconnected from society, seriously. Case in point: We freaked out when we heard people talking about the death of Sirius, unaware that they meant Sirius Black, not our beloved satellite radio provider. These trials aside, one lovely outcome of the Potter passion was that we found our Girl of the Moment-Katie Leung.

The young actress plays Harry Potter's love interest, Cho Chang, in the film series and during the press tour for Order of the Phoenix we noticed her harajuku-meets-hipster look. Raised in Scotland, Leung's fearless personal style spirit reminds us of some of her fellow countrywomen who are fashion individualists too, Annie Lennox and Shirley Manson. While Lennox and Mason have left large footprints to fill, it's possible Leung will rise to the occasion. She's clearly open to a range of looks, from glamor girl in a gold Lanvin dress to downtown darling in pinstriped gray tights. We look forward to seeing what she comes up with next-someone cast her in another movie please!