Daisy Lowe

On a recent visit to one of our homes away from home (the Beverly Drive newsstand), we got a bit of a shock whilst browsing magazines. Startled-albeit pleasantly so-by i-D magazine's sexy August cover, we pulled it out and realized the featured female was Daisy Lowe. This amused us greatly, as we'd been saving pictures of Lowe for a future story on her personal style, and here she was nearly nude! Topless Terry Richardson covers aside, we like the playful way this Brit beauty puts herself together and offer her up as our Girl Of The Month.

First, we'll give you a little background on Miss Lowe for those readers who don't recognize her face. Her parents are Pearl Lowe, (designer and former singer-songwriter of indie band Powder) and Gavin Rossdale (of Bush-the band not the president-and husband to Gwen Stefani), although Daisy was raised by Danny Goffey (Supergrass drummer) and thought he was her father until a few years ago. Thanks to her gorgeous face and height, Daisy's a model and has appeared in Italian Vogue, W, and Jane (may it rest in peace). She's also been in Agent Provocateur and French Connection campaigns, the former featured her at the tender age of 15. If reports are to be believed, Lowe's rather spunky as well. Earlier this year she told a British paper that not only had she been dumped by a fashion house for being too heavy to model but that she refused to lose weight as well. Good for her.

Lowe shows that feisty spirit in the way she dresses too. While usually spotted in heels (like her favored Miu Miu pink Vernice Chic Mary Janes), she also often wears ratty Chucks with bright green laces. She's fond of bright hues as well, as she shakes up basic black with a jolt of royal blue or a color-blocked skirt for a jaunt around New York with fellow musician's daughter, Liv Tyler.