You're Not Wearing Your Dresses Like This (Yet)

In most cases, the styling lessons we learn from Giorgio Armani are typically in regard to how to wear a suit impeccably. But on yesterday’s runway for the S/S 18 collection at Milan Fashion Week, it was the sweet, colorful dresses that gave us a few different style ideas to try in six months time.

Armani paired a few of his elegant designs with tailored shorts underneath for a unique spin on the skort, the classic middle school trend. A couple of dresses were lifted from the front to reveal the wide-leg bottoms beneath, while another iteration showed a wrap skirt tucked under what appeared to be a front-opening dress.

The unexpected layering gives a straightforward design a bit more intrigue. Not to mention that the shorts make for a practical addition for anyone on the move.

Take a look at how it’s done—and see how easy it is to re-create—below.