Gigi Hadid's T-Shirt Is So Much Better Than a Valentine's Day Card

For some, today may be the most romantic day of the year. And for others, well, it's Tuesday and not even halfway into a very busy work week. For Gigi Hadid, it's likely the latter. While the model hasn't been spotted in many shows of New York Fashion Week—just Jeremy Scott from what we've seen so far—she is a busy girl, and perhaps a day filled with V-Day celebrations is not in the cards. Thankfully, she wore her Valentine right where everyone can see it: on her shirt. 

Stepping out today, Hadid sported a Zayn ZDay 2 Tee ($35) along with a leather trench coat, slim, reptilian pants, a Uri Minkoff x Jason Rembert backpack,  and a pair of sneakers. The uniform was not unlike may of her other on-the-go looks, but it certainly stood out for its personal touch. After all, it's a bold move to wear anyone's name across your chest, especially when it's your significant other's. And since there's no telling whether Malik and Hadid will even get to spend much time together this February 14, what's the harm in letting the other one know they're loved in a very public way?

Scroll down to see Hadid's complete Valentine's Day look.

Would you ever wear your S.O.'s name on your clothing? Would you do it on Valentine's Day? Let us know below.