The It-Girl Ankle Boots Gigi Hadid Wears to the Airport

With all her constant jet-setting, it's no surprise that Gigi Hadid has mastered the art of airport dressing. The model has a knack for pulling off outfits that are trendy and oh-so-cool but still manage to be comfortable (key when you're jammed into a tiny cabin in the sky). For her latest polished yet cozy look, Gigi Hadid is breaking out a fashion-girl staple, black ankle boots, and giving them an of-the-moment spin.

Heading from London to New York, Gigi rocked booties by model favorite, Stuart Weitzman. The high (but not skyscraping) heel means dragging your luggage around is actually pain-free. For the rest of her ensemble, Gigi embraced the femleisure look, styling office-worthy trousers with a sporty leather jacket. If you want a little extra coziness, toss on a blanket scarf with an ensemble inspired by Gigi's look, and you'll be ready to fly in style.

Read on to see and shop the boots Gigi rocks at the airport, along with similar styles!