The Controversial Trend Gigi Hadid Is Wearing in Milan

Gigi Hadid long has been a proponent of high-waisted skinny jeans, but her latest look takes a step in a different direction. The model is in Milan for fashion week, and when she's not on the runway or in rehearsal, she's busy road-testing a controversial trend that feels like a major '00s throwback. Gigi opted for low-waisted jeans, which she paired with a high-cut bodysuit, leaving her hip bones partially revealed. Our immediate thoughts upon seeing the combination went back to early Britney Spears, who championed the ultra-low denim look way back when.

In a modern twist, Gigi styled her ensemble with lace-up boots and a cozy shearling jacket from the Yeezy collection. And Gigi isn't the only one embracing relaxed jeans and shearling, Kendall Jenner recently flaunted a similar ensemble (we're sure their stylist, Monica Rose, has something to do with it). Curious to see Gigi's ensemble? Check it out below, and if you're on board, shop pieces inspired by her style!