This Italian Brand Is Back From the '80s (and Gigi Hadid Is a Fan)

Ever heard of Fiorucci? The Milan-based brand debuted and earned major status in the ’70s and ’80s for its “club” attire (think Studio 54 scene). The label now owned by British duo Janie and Stephen Schaffer is making a comeback, and Gigi Hadid is a fan. While the brand has shifted from club wear to basics like graphic T-shirts and a selection of denim and outerwear, the designs are still rooted in retro vibes.

For example, the T-shirt that Gigi Hadid just wore looks straight out of the ’80s (in the best way possible, of course). While the tee is rather simple on the front, it’s all about the logo and bold colors on the back. Hadid may be the first to wear the designer tee, but we’re sure it’ll become a celebrity favorite by the end of summer.

See how Hadid styled the Fiorucci T-shirt below.