So This Is the Reason Gigi Hadid Wears a One-Piece

Bikini or one-piece? It’s the dilemma we all face during swimsuit season. For supermodel Gigi Hadid, it all comes down to wearing the right style for the right occasion. Sure, she’s a fan of both (her Instagram is plenty proof of that), but she’s not afraid to play favorites when the time calls for it.

“I feel sportier in a one-piece,” Hadid says in a recent video filmed with Reebok. “When I’m playing volleyball, I want to wear a one-piece. If you want to tan, you want to wear a bikini.”

We’re trusting Hadid’s judgment on this one—the model was once a Junior Olympic volleyball player, after all. So though having both styles in your closet if a must, you’ll want to take a cue from Hadid and stick to one-pieces if you’re planning any spontaneous pickup games at the beach.

Watch the full video below, and then go ahead and shop our one-piece picks below.




A swimsuit with a cute cutout is so worth the awkward tan line. 


This totally doubles as a one-piece and a top.


You can never go wrong with a silhouette as eye-catching as this. 

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