10 Bucks Everyone Will Wear This Sneaker Trend Now 

When it comes to footwear, we’ve had several hybrid styles debut over the past year. There’s the “hootie” shoe trend that’s perfect for fall, “sneakerdrilles” that are made for any vacation look, and today, we’re focusing on another footwear hybrid—“sock sneakers,” which are literally a mix between the sock boot trend and sneakers. We first saw the trend when DKNY launched the new style, and since then, fast-fashion brands like Zara have caught on to the trend.

If you’re curious how to pull off the latest hybrid fashion item, leave it to Gigi Hadid to set the tone and lend a great outfit that you can re-create if you’re down to try the “sock sneaker” trend. The model styled her Puma sock sneakers with a bright sweatshirt and frayed-edge jeans.

Check out how Hadid styles “sock sneakers” below!