Yes, We've All Experienced Gigi Hadid's Major Outfit Fail



It's inevitable: You're running out the door to head somewhere important and you hop in the car and hear a loud, ominous ripping noise. Your pants have split and, well, there's not much you can do about it. You might not believe it, but even models experience this fashion crisis. 

How do we know? Gigi Hadid shared a photo on her Instagram story, showing off a ripped seam hastily sewn back together. "Just had to stitch my pants in the car," she wrote. "An interesting experience thanks to the cobblestone streets of Milan."

Though you'd never know from the street style photos of the model, her Fendi pants required some emergency touching up, and the model was lucky enough to have a sewing kit handy (we're guessing her stylist is to thank for that one). 

While we've all experienced a similar malfunction in one way or another, we're pretty impressed that Gigi's team was able to get crafty while cruising the bumpy streets of Milan. We're not sure that we'll be armed with a sewing kit when the time comes, but here's to hoping!

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