Gigi Hadid Puts These $50 Leggings to a Very Bizarre Test


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We already know that Gigi Hadid has a pretty intense workout regimen, and plenty of athleisure gear to match. But, seeing the model in action is still nothing short of impressive. In her latest video with Reebok, Gigi tackles everyone's least favorite exercise: the plank.

Gigi manages to hold the exercise while answering a barrage of questions from her trainer, and we have to say she looks pretty good doing it. She shares everything from what motivates her to how she feels after a workout. Dressed in leggings, a sports bra, and sneakers, Gigi's ensemble is just the right mix of practical and stylish. Luckily, you can easily try her ensemble out, too—no workout necessary. Watch the video below, and shop her exact outfit, including her $50 leggings, and then check out additional styles as well.

Watch Gigi pull off an intense plank workout below (and get inspired)!



On Gigi Hadid: Reebok Dance Strappy Bra ($50), Dance Mesh Leggings ($50), and Hayasu Sneakers ($90).

You don't have to be a fan of forearm planks to pull off (and love) Gigi Hadid's sporty ensemble.

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