Gigi Hadid Proves This One Bag Works With Every Outfit

Although clotheshorse Gigi Hadid typically utilizes her unending lineup of designer bags in heavy rotation, lately she’s departed from her usual switch-ups and stuck to a favorite rather faithfully. No matter the outfit or function, in the past few weeks, Hadid hasn’t been seen without her Mansur Gavriel Lady Leather Tote. Sleek, black, and the perfect size to carry just enough without completely overwhelming a look, the brand’s new model has proven its potential to be a carryall for all occasions.

Though popularized by its now iconic bucket bag, Mansur Gavriel has cemented its staying power with a new array of successful silhouettes as well. The Lady Leather Tote delivers the same hardened leather finish as its predecessors as well as the pop of bright red on the bag’s interior that was a popular colorway with the original bucket.

See all the ways Gigi Hadid steps out with her tote below.

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