Headlighting Is the Throwback Trend Gigi Hadid Is Bringing Back

Gigi Hadid is one who never shies away from sparking a street style trend. Sure, she'll always fall back on skinny jeans or leggings, but in Milan, there's a new look that Gigi's been rocking, a trend we're calling "headlighting." In what feels like a nod back to the early '00s, Gigi has styled low-slung pants with high-cut bodysuits, revealing slivers of hip on either side.

The first time Gigi tried the look, she paired a knit bodysuit with distressed jeans, but this time around, Gigi wore a sleek black turtleneck bodysuit with silky black pants and lace-up boots. She layered a long plaid duster over the ensemble and finished it off with a bold red bag. Since three makes a trend, we're waiting for Gigi to confirm the rise of her latest look once and for all.

Read on to see Gigi's look and shop bodysuits inspired by her headlighting move!