It's Official: Cuffing Your Jeans Is a Thing Again

Say we set aside the great fashion debate over whether skinny jeans are in or out (for the record, we're team wardrobe classics) and bubbled up another hot topic in the denim world: cuffing your jeans. From finding the right way to roll your jeans (yes, there are several techniques) to questioning if the look is still cool, the internet has participated in a solid amount of conversation. If you were to ask me two years ago, I'd have said it wasn't the freshest or most of-the-moment way to wear your jeans, but it certainly made for a great hack to shorten your hemline. My explanation? At the time, frayed-edge denim was just hitting the market, stealing the spotlight and politely pushing this trick aside.

But leave it to fashion leaders like Olivia Palermo and Gigi Hadid to make the look relevant and a thing again. Both celebrities have recently flaunted the cuffed denim look, and today we're spotlighting Hadid's latest denim outfit to refresh your memory on how to pull off the look.

Scroll down to see and shop Gigi Hadid's cuffed denim outfit.

Do you cuff your jeans? Did you ever stop? We want to know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Andy Heart