Gigi Hadid's Career Motto Is Sheer Perfection

It’s no secret that Gigi Hadid is enjoying plenty of success in the fashion industry right now—look no further than her very first stateside Vogue cover as proof. So what has helped her skyrocket to the tippy top of the industry? In a new interview on Vogue’s podcast, Hadid credits her respectfulness, likability, and work ethic with her career success.

“My mom always taught me to respect everyone on set,” she said on the podcast. “I do have a motto: I always say be kind, work hard, and make a friend. If I can be sure about one thing that has brought me to this place in my career, it’s that I’ve always worked my hardest to be someone people like to be on set with, be someone who people want to push for the next day when they go into a meeting. I think that leads to more opportunity than people realize.” Who could possibly argue with that?

Scroll down to see our favorite Instagrams that exhibit Gigi Hadid’s graciousness in the fashion industry!


throwback, 2014 - thank you for believing in me from the beginning @tomford

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