Watch Gigi Hadid Adorably Teach Herself How to Make Yorkshire Pudding

She's a pro in front of the camera, and if Gigi Hadid ever decided to give up modeling for a cooking show, we think she'd be a natural. In a new video for British Vogue, the 21-year-old takes on baking Yorkshire pudding and gushes about her favorite place to eat.

"Master Chef Hadid here, checking in for British Vogue to teach this fair young lady how to make Yorkshire pudding today," says a buttoned-up Gigi in a chef's jacket. The Los Angeles native, dressed in a crop top and jeans, playfully whips up the ingredients as directed by "Master Chef Gigi," her prim and proper pastry-cook alter ego.

"I used to eat salt out of the palm of my hand as a kid," admits Gigi as Master Chef Hadid rolls her eyes. The silly video has a sweet moment, too. When asked to name her favorite restaurant, Gigi immediately says, "My boyfriend's mom's house." Perhaps she'll bring along her Yorkshire pudding next time she joins Zayn and his mom for Sunday roast.

Check out the video of Gigi Hadid baking a traditional British Yorkshire pudding.

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Opening Image: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images