Cool Moms Told Us What the Perfect Mother's Day Present Is

Finding outfits that’ll seamlessly transition from day to night is a constant struggle for all of us. Add a crying newborn or a particularly angsty teen into the mix, though, and you can more than understand the temptation to venture into sweatpants-and-chill territory. Which is why some of our favorite fashion-conscious moms tell us they rely on one transformative secret weapon when a change in outfits isn’t feasible: a versatile jewelry collection.

The four cool young moms we spoke to all happen to be fashion and lifestyle bloggers, which means they know a thing or two about the art of accessorizing, and they were game to share their jewelry styling tips and tricks with us. Keep reading to see the stylish Swarovski pieces they’ll be gifting themselves with this Mother’s Day—you’re bound to see something that catches your eye, whether you’ve got kids of your own, are expecting a little one soon, or are looking for the perfect pick for your own mom.