Shopping for Your S.O.? One Couple Spills How to Find the Perfect Gift

One evening in 2004, then–high school student Robert Martinez was sitting with friends in a Long Island coffee shop when his now-wife, Christina Martinez, walked in to meet the group. “I knew from the second I saw Christina through the window that something special was about to happen,” Robert recalls. “We didn’t know each other yet, and I just remember watching her walk into the room and completely focusing on her. We talked well into the night and made plans to see each other the next day. I thought for sure she was just being nice, but she answered her phone the next morning and we made plans.”

Since that fateful meeting, the pair hasn’t spent more than a few days apart. They got married in 2013, spontaneously moved to Phoenix to start their new life together, and founded their joint fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog, New Darlings. Christina heads up the styling and modeling, while Robert manages the camera and lighting.

Inspired by their unique meet-cute and intertwined career paths, we thought they’d be the perfect source of wisdom for our yearly conundrum: What to gift our partners with for the holidays. Keep reading for foolproof gift-giving tips from the married couple, and find out which pieces from Hearts On Fire are sure to be a hit with your own S.O. this season. 

What do you think about when you’re choosing a gift for someone important in your life? Tell us in the comments below!