22 Gifts Your Co-Workers Will Actually Use

You may spend a significant amount of time with your co-workers, but unless you're BFFs with them, coming up with appropriate gifts has potential to be one of the biggest holiday-season challenges you'll face. But we're always up for a gift-giving challenge, and we scoured the internet in search of the perfect gifts for co-workers, with the mission of choosing ones that they'll actually use. Your co-workers will undoubtedly know that you put thought into finding the perfect stylish gift for them. But thought doesn't have to take time, which is probably why you're here. So as promised, below, you'll find 22 perfect gift ideas for your colleagues, including a star-printed silk scarf, a carafe to keep at their desk, and our go-to affordable candle.

Keep scrolling to shop the gifts, almost all of which are well under $100.