19 Gifts Literally Anyone Will Love


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We’ve all been there: A co-worker stops by your desk and says “I found the perfect gift for you!” Panic sets in: You didn’t know you were supposed to get her a gift. What now? Luckily, there are solid staples anyone would be happy to receive this December. And they don’t have the break the bank either. While fulfilling the wish lists of our closest friends, the harsh reality is some gifts need to be easy and affordable without sacrificing style. From scented candles to useful stationary, these gifts are the answer to any office gift exchange, distant relative, or even a friendly neighbor. Finally you’ll be able to put on Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, grab a cup of mulled wine, and forget that holiday shopping stress for good.

Spread yuletide joy with our roundup of gifts literally anyone will love.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

With the New Year approaching, who wouldn’t love having a new sports bra to motivate those resolutions?

This simple keychain won’t clash with any other keyring bobbles.

A large tote can hold anything from a change of clothes to the groceries picked up after work. 

Truly multipurpose—everyone needs a good quality white tee.

Available in size M.

Diffusers are the grown-up version of room spray. They look sophisticated and can check the box next to anyone’s name on your list.

This sleek bottle opener impresses in anyone’s bar cabinet.

“This is the year we’re finally going to be organized,” or so we’ve told ourselves.

Everyone eats, so why not cook beautifully? 

A minimalistic pouch can be thrown inside a purse or stored in a back pocket. 

This luxurious candle serves as decoration and aromatic. 

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

Sleepwear is always a safe bet—no one ever has enough. 

Classic jewelry is a go-to because it can be incorporated into someone’s personal style.

The only thing better than regular cheese is fancy cheese.

These are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth in cute packaging!

Drinking water is so much more fun in a cool bottle.

Winter is approaching in full force, and a warm pair of socks can be appreciated by anyone. 

Want more affordable gift ideas? Check out our picks for under $10!

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