How to Buy Gifts for Everyone in Your Squad

The members of your inner circle are in lockstep. Raise a phone up high and the group can quickly get into formation for an awesome rehearsed (but not rehearsed-looking) snap. You have no problem ordering for each other at brunch because everybody has the same taste in carbs, plus you all share the same nut allergy (so synced, guys). You speak the same emoji language, borrow each other’s clothes (and forget to return them)—the list goes on. It goes without saying that the force is strong with your squad.

But figuring out individual, thoughtful presents to gift each one of those unique personalities that make up the troupe is the tricky part. To make things easier, we carved out three friend archetypes with the help of model Georgia Fowler and got her take on the perfect gifts to give each. And the good news is you can shop all of them at Bloomingdale’sKeep reading to discover the perfect gifts for each member of your squad. And no need to thank us. What are friends for, right?

Now that your squad is covered, what about everyone else on your list? Head to Bloomingdale's or go online to find gifts for your sister, mom and more.