Vintage Spirit

Shopping for a quirky Individualist or a have-it-all Alpha Mom can definitely be tricky, but finding the perfect present for a Vintage Spirit is a challenge on a whole other level. Typically clad in a mix of incredibly cool vintage finds, impossible-to-place key pieces, and rock'n'roll staples, the Vintage Spirit is always on the move, traveling around the world and picking up unbelievable treasures along the way. Maybe she's an actress, buyer, or a photographer-or just wants to be one someday-but regardless of profession, this type of giftee likes her little luxuries and is a bit of a hippie too. Much like style icon Sienna Miller, the Vintage Spirit is a modern nomad with a fondness for any wardrobe item that has a past, so sourcing an of-the-moment present takes some serious thought. But don't fret, dear readers, we've collected an excellent assortment of must-have items for your purchasing or wishlist-adding pleasure. Plus, we've even included an amazing tip for easy holiday shopping, courtesy of the lovely team at Rightcliq by Visa.* (More on that in a moment!) From an incredibly flattering pair of jeans to a heavenly candle, we've got all the Vintage Spirit essentials in today's installment of the Gift Guide!

Current/Elliott High Rise Bell Flared Jeans ($210)
Whether she's shopping the local flea markets or jet setting to another country for work, nothing says comfortable and chic for the Vintage Spirit like an amazing pair of high-waisted flare jeans. We suggest picking up Current/Elliott's adorable version because we're sure that the VS will be smitten with their dark blue wash and slim, retro cut. Plus, as owners of this exact style, we can promise you that they are incredibly flattering. Even better: these jeans have a very '70s-inspired shape, which happens to be a huge trend for spring, so your Vintage Spirit will surely wear them for seasons to come!

Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Room Candle ($42)
Between her busy work schedule and jam-packed social life, the Vintage Spirit is always on the go. Since downtime is a rare occurrence in her life, we think you should give her the gift of relaxation this holiday season with Cowshed's Knackered Cow Candle. Unwinding from a grueling day will be easy, thanks to the candle's herbaceous blend of essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus-a beautifully fragrant combo that restores the mind and harmony. If that's not enough to win this gypset darling over, her grounded sensibilities will surely be drawn to the fact that this candle is made from 100% natural wax from organic and certified vegan ingredients.

Vanessa Bruno Lace Bra and Panty ($120-$156)
One of the things we love best about the Vintage Spirit is that there's always a hint of boudoir in whatever she's wearing. Since she's a devotee of silky kimonos and delicate slip dresses, we also think she'd adore a little lingerie, especially in the form of these Vanessa Bruno underthings. This bra and panty set boasts an unfussy mesh and lace combo that exudes a romantic femininity the Vintage Spirit is sure to love. Plus, they're pretty darn sexy, making them a perfect pick for her, er, romance-minded evenings.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Stacked Metal Bangles with Cut Metal Stones (price upon request, 212.826.8900)
Surely, a statement-making world traveler like the Vintage Spirit has collected a bevy of fine baubles over the years, but in our opinion, you can never have enough jewelry on hand. Case in point: who could refuse these incredible bangles from Givenchy? Not only would they perfectly accent the VS's supremely stylish ensembles, they'd also add a dash of modernity. Slightly edgy and decidedly cool, the bracelets come in three different colors-gunmetal gray, gold, and champagne-so she can mix and match as she pleases. Whether she chooses to wear just one or stack a few up her arm, the results will be noteworthy!

Anda & Masha by Selima Sympathy Hat ($340)
Our modern nomad is not afraid to make a statement via an intriguing accent, which is why we're positive she'd fall in love with this black, brimmed, flat-top chapeau. Inspired by Spanish gaucho hats and designed by Drew Barrymore's stylists, this topper is surely a reflection of the Vintage Spirit's quirky-meets-retro tastes and has a bit of that vintage rock'n'roll spirit she adores so much. One thing's for sure: with this amazing hat on her head, she is guaranteed to look stylish wherever she goes.

H&M Jacket ($99)
The Vintage Spirit is known for her thrilling fashion finds and this truly amazing jacket looks like something she could have picked up on her travels abroad. The black velveteen and intricate gold stitching surely will speak to the Vintage Spirit's love of decadent pieces and luxe materials, plus it's a totally versatile piece. It's perfect for day with a diaphanous top and her go-to flares, but works equally well over a cocktail dress or styled with a silky maxi skirt. Either way, it's just the sort of piece the Vintage Spirit wants in her suitcase and wardrobe, so be sure to track one down today.

Vera Wang Pascal Sunglasses ($245) in Brown Camel
Now, any girl is sure to make a stylish statement in these retro shades, but we think they are the pitch-perfect pair for our Vintage Spirit! Though they look like they could have been picked up at a consignment store in Palm Beach or purchased at a flea market in Paris, they are actually a completely of-the-moment part of Vera Wang's eyewear line. We think the rounded frames and camel/chocolate color palette is too good to pass up and we have a hunch that the Vintage Spirit will agree!-Jessica Baker

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