Guys Edition

Technically, our ode to presents ended two days ago, but you didn't think we'd conclude our gift-giving bonanza without addressing what to give the stylish guys in your life, did you? Of course not! We're here to help you every step of the way this holiday season, and that includes assisting you with excellent present ideas for your special men too. So for this installment of our Gift Guide series--it's really, truly the last one this year--we've rounded up some pretty amazing, hot-ticket items your guy is sure to love. Whether he's a tech enthusiast, hard-core gamer, or fashion aficionado, we're positive we've found a few perfect picks that are universally appealing. So without further ado, let the shopping thrills begin!

Gucci 3D Glasses ($225, 212.826.2600)
The three-dimension arena has been on the rise over the past few years in both film and television, and now, thanks to Gucci, your guy no longer has to wear those uncomfortable and unflattering glasses! The luxury brand has created a pair of 3D glasses with cool retro aviator frames, and, as strong believers of looking stylish in every situation, this is something we can definitely get on board with. In addition to their great look, these special shades were designed with a mirror coating that keeps out any distractions for the user (a problem that often occurs with other pairs) and offers an enhanced viewing experience. It's the perfect gift idea for the 3D connoisseur in your life.

Vicarious by Nature Chef Pants Hoodie ($95)
When it comes to men's wardrobe staples, a great hoodie is an absolute must, which is why our guys' gift guide would not be complete without this oh-so cozy version from the eco-friendly brand Vicarious by Nature. Made from organic cotton, this zip-up jacket is a super soft and stylish option he can throw on over his casual ensembles for both day and night, in other words: a must have!

Chan Luu Bracelet ($220)
Your Who What Wear editors appreciate a man who knows how to add interest to his ensembles with a few great accessories, like a cool titanium band, luxurious watch, or an interesting bracelet. Speaking of the latter, Chan Luu has created the perfect bauble for the Rodger to your Rachel (Zoe, of course)! He is sure to love the unfussy and rustic spirit of the dark knotted leather detailing and silver embellishments. It's subtle enough for everyday wear and quite unflashy, so it will never read as "man jewelry," always a good thing!

J. Crew MacAlister Boots ($135) in Stone Suede
Deck shoes were all the rage this summer, but the desert boot has stolen the spotlight this winter season. It's the perfect alternative to your typical casual options--like Vans slip-ons or Chucks--so it's no surprise this understated footwear is topping many wish lists this holiday season. We suggest picking up J. Crew's iteration, which was inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by soldiers in WWII. They are made from the finest Italian suede, so they have that great worn-in/vintage vibe. We are fans of the Stone hue, but be sure to check out the four additional neutral colors to find the best fit for your guy.

Apple TV ($99)
The sleek and energy-efficient second generation of Apple TV may be 80% smaller than the old model, but it packs in a ton of entertainment! The new-and-improved device instantly and wirelessly streams all your favorite entertainment--basically anything on iTunes: movies, music, even photos--directly to your TV. Plus, it now allows you to rent your favorite TV shows and films from iTunes starting at $.99 per episode. And now for the first time ever, Apple TV can be synced with your Netflix account, allowing your guy to immediately view even more amazing media. In short: it's an affordable gift that keeps on giving.

Le Labo Cologne ($200)
We strongly believe that as a fellow matures, so should his taste in cologne, especially since so many guys get stuck in their formative fragrance years (think: Cool Water, Drakkar Noir, or some other collegiate scent). Fortunately, we've found a brand that is sure to complement his more modern tastes: Le Labo. The luxury perfumer brand--created in New York in 2006 by two world-traveling friends--has mastered the art of harmoniously blending intriguing notes to create memorable and shocking aromas, each with a unique backstory. For example, Another 13 (featured above) is a limited-edition scent created by AnOther Magazine's editor-in-chief Jefferson Hack. It's made from thirteen ingredients that Hack handpicked in the NYC lab, including (synthetic) animal musk, which gives the cologne its signature spike and shine. And while there are 500 hand-blended bottles of this exact scent available, we suggest checking out all the options this holiday season.

Call of Duty: Black Ops ($60)
Even the most amateur gamer will tell you that Call of Duty: Black Ops is a must-buy this holiday season, but what sets it apart from the other options out there? For starters, it's a well-designed game with excellent storylines and incredible graphics, which makes sense seeing as it's the sequel to the greatest selling video game of all time, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The new game--which is played from a first-person shooter perspective--immerses the players into a war-like setting, allowing them to be the hero taking part in weapon-based combat. Oh, and did we mention it holds the single-day record for any entertainment medium with 4.7 million copies sold? No wonder we think it's worth checking out...--Jessica Baker