Nike Leggings Made a Very Unexpected Paris Fashion Week Appearance

Runways are the perfect place to reveal a first look at a brand's secret, unexpected collaboration—and that's exactly what we thought was happening when we spotted a pair of Nike leggings on the Paris runway for Giambattista Valli. In fact, that wasn't the case at all, as the brand's PR rep told us. Instead, the designer known for stunning red carpet wares was actually taking a much more realistic approach to styling leggings for the modern woman. Namely, any way she wants to.

According to Valli's PR, the designer "wanted to illustrate a woman that just pairs her sport trousers after her training with a great jacket and stiletto boots and goes out to her Parisian life." Since athleisure is proving to be more of a lifestyle than a passing trend, it only makes sense that leggings—Nike ones, specifically, in this case—are present in a woman's daily rotation of clothing, even as a substitute for pants.

Scroll down to see how one designer envisioned his own legging-, heels-, and ruffles-loving muse at the Paris Fashion Week.

Check Out the Entire Giambattista Valli F/W 17 Collection:

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