Georgia May Jagger’s #1 Tip for Changing up Your Look

In honour of Georgia May Jagger's birthday today, we're revisiting the number one style tip she shared with us on a recent trip to Sydney.

With a long list of fashion credentials under her belt—working with everyone from Thomas Sabo, Mulberry and Chanel, she has some very practical style advice to share. Keep scrolling to read our exclusive interview with the gap-toothed beauty.


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What does jewellery mean to you?

For me, it’s quite personal. I’ve been collecting bits of jewellery for the last 10 years. I think it holds a lot of sentimental value—especially when it’s engraved. Anything that my sister designs [her sister Jade Jagger is a jewellery designer] is really sentimental. When she gives me something, it’s because she’s made it for me especially for me, so that’s very special.

What are three pieces of jewellery you think every woman should own?

I think everyone women should own an amazing cocktail ring, a really chunky bracelet and some fine chains.

Are there any Australian women whose style you love?

I love Camilla Frank’s style because she is so colourful and you’ll never catch her not looking like a ray of sunshine. I think that’s inspiring. It’s kind of boring that we all dress so similar—it’s nice to see people who have their own creativity and style.

What’s your go-to outfit?

I like to blend comfort and style together so I’m always looking for things that are borderline pyjama dressing, but still really fun.  My go-to outfit at the moment is platform style boots (I’m obsessed with them), baggy Levi’s, a rainbow tube top and my leather jacket.

What’s your number one tip for changing up your look for a night out?

I change my look up quite frequently with accessories. In the day I wear less and maybe a pair of boots, and then in the evening, I pile on more accessories and high heels.

What’s the one style staple you think a woman should splurge on?

A good black dress!

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