As a Store Owner, This Is What I do at Fashion Week



Pictured from left: Georgia Martin and business partner Sara Donaldson

Have you been following our coverage of #TheStreeties and wondering who all the people are in the pictures? Unless you've attended fashion week Australia, it's hard to understand what everyone is actually doing there. It's a real mixed-bag, but it's the one time of the year the entire fashion industry has an opportunity to be in the same place, at the same time.

On site throughout the week you'll find fashion editors, stylists, publicists, bloggers, influencers, celebrities, designers, models, buyers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, show producers—the list goes on. 

Today, we're talking to co-owner of The UNDONE, Georgia Martin, to find out exactly what she gets up to at fashion week. Keep scrolling.

Why I attend

"Fashion Week Australia is all about the designers. I think first and foremost, it’s about supporting and celebrating them and our industry. It’s also a great way to catch up with those I might not get to see often or only corresponded with over email. I head up PR and Communication at The UNDONE so it’s a great place to talk to stylists, journalists, influencers, other publicists and industry friends."

The Buying

"While my business partner Sara manages the buying aspect for The UNDONE, I do love seeing our designers and viewing their new collections up close at appointments and showings. Their collections and pieces are the pinnacle of our site. Without them we wouldn’t have a business so it’s incredibly important for me to see and discuss what they are doing. We also love collaborating and having exclusive pieces and these appointments are often where those ideas spark."

The New Designers

"Fashion Week Australia is also a nice introduction to new and emerging designers. We are constantly looking for new aspects to bring to the site that offer our customer something exciting and fresh, so I do like to attend those shows and am always excited by new talent."

The Extra Perk

"On a final note one of my favourite things and I’m obviously not alone in this as street style is huge—fashion week is always good people watching, there are always extraordinary outfits and while I’m not one to go over the top with what I wear, I do very much enjoy and appreciate those who do."

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