Why This Gap Ad Will Make Every '90s Kid So, So Happy

A camera pans across the screen, revealing a group of beautiful, Gap-clad models with singing chops to boot—this was a classic scene for any child of the '90s. Some preferred "Mellow Yellow," others "Dress You Up." But no matter which camp you were in, the one thing everyone could agree on was that Gap was a wardrobe staple of the era. And in its newest campaign, the brand is making a case for why it should still be.

On February 7, Gap will introduce Archive Reissue, a collection of classic, timelessly cool pieces that harken back to its roots. And to celebrate, the accompanying ad brings us back over 20 years ago to the original musical ads and features notable names like Jagger, Ross, Willis, and Tyler.

Instead of the artists you already know and love, the offspring of some of the original Gap stars take center stage this time around. As Chelsea Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, confirmed to us about the Gap ads, "They're so heavy and so strong in my mind. Being so young at that time, it's almost like you don't have a visual memory. It's just engrained in who you are."

While the below commercial is much different than Steven Tyler's Gap ad circa 1999, the 27-year-old model and musician said that she did look to her dad's old work for inspiration: "I just watched it again recently, and I died. It's so funny—it's so ridiculous because they were able to be so raw in themselves."

Perhaps the most '90s star of all, however, is Naomi Campbell, who co-stars alongside the next generation of Gap models. "She's a goddess—it's so crazy," Tyler said. We happen to agree.

Below, watch the complete, newly released Gap ad that—not unlike the '90s versions—will make you want to sing along.

Tell us what you think about the new Gap ads in the comments below. And be sure to shop Archive Reissue when it hits stores February 7.