Why You Should Buy Garance Doré’s New Book

Garance Doré is different to other bloggers. For starters, you’ll rarely see her post an outfit selfie. Her website, Garance Doré, launched in 2006 as an outlet for her fashion illustrations. Fast forward almost 10 years, and it’s now evolved into a meeting place for well-dressed, educated women to discuss candid topics you won’t find anywhere else. Doré starts a conversation with her honest writing and intimate photographs.

Her memoir, Love X Style X Life is hitting stores as we speak—and is accompanied by the beautiful illustrations and photographs we’ve come to expect from her. The army of fashion friends she’s picked up along the way are featured in the book—think Jenna Lyons, Emanuelle Alt, Diane Von Ferstenberg and Drew Barrymore.

Ahead of its release, Fashionista sat down with Doré to chat about what we can expect.

Here’s how Garance explains her book and why we’re racing out to buy it.


Garance Doré

“The difference between the book and a website is that [with a] book, you have that distance because it's not so immediate, so I was able to go a little bit deeper into things. So the love chapter talks about things I've never talked about on my blog. There are a lot of things that are completely original, but also like subjects like my love life, my family, and things like that. Even the way I approach the career chapter, I think, is made in a way that I've never talked like before.”— Garance Doré

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