Prediction: This Is the Future of Fashion Blogging

We’ve always been obsessed with Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit’s style. The fashion blogger is at the top of her game, with over half a million social followers, her own online store, and campaigns with some of the world’s largest brands. Her latest project? Hong joins some of the fashion industry’s most-celebrated influencers, including Margaret Zhang, Zanita Whittington, Tommy Ton, Vashtie Kola and of course Karlie Kloss, in Swaorvski’s Crystaldust Crew.  

When the opportunity came up to interview Hong, we obviously jumped at it—she visited Fashion Week Australia last year, so we wanted to know what she thought about our street style efforts, and as a top blogger, what is her prediction on the future of fashion blogging (and whether she’s team Instagram Stories or Snapchat). Keep scrolling to find out and then shop our favourite pieces from Swaorvski's Crystaldust collection!


Vashtie Kola and Vanessa Hong by Tommy Ton

Who What Wear Australia: How did your partnership with Swarovski come about?

Vanessa Hong: Swarovski had asked me to be a part of its #BeBrilliant campaign that was centred around a 'Squad'—an idea that really excited me because it was the bringing-together of a lot of people I respect (and personally know) in the fashion industry. Plus it just sounded like a lot of fun!

WWW: Well they pulled together a pretty amazing squad! Tell us what it was like to shoot the Swarovski campaign with so many inspiring people?

VH: It was a really cool experience because a lot of the people on set I’d known for quite some time (so it was a reunion of sorts) and others who were entirely new to me. There was great energy.

WWW: You visited Fashion Week Australia in 2015, what do you think makes Australian street style unique?

VH: I really adore Australia. I feel what really stood out for me (besides the talent of Aussie designers) is the fact that the community really supported each other. Influencers and celebrities all wore mainly local names—which you really don't see a lot of in other fashion weeks.

WWW: Did you pick up any styling tips from Australian street stylers?

VH: I think Aussies really understand the fine nuances of expressing their lifestyle and themselves through their clothing. There is a restrained sensuality and a real utility in the construction and styling of the clothing that I've definitely integrated into my own style.


Vashtie Kola and Vanessa Hong by Tommy Ton

WWW: How would you describe your own personal style?

VH: I often describe my style as ‘restrained timelessness’–meaning I operate under the idea of 'less is more', choosing timeless, modern, pieces over heavy-trend driven apparel.

WWW: What is your favourite way to wear and style your jewellery?

VH: I think jewellery is a very personal touch to any outfit—I have a very light hand when it comes to wearing accessories. I like to layer very delicate pieces for a barely-there look.

WWW: What would people be most surprised to hear about you?

VH: Probably a lot of things! Maybe the most obvious was that I was Pre-Med in University and before entering fashion, I was working in the biomedical community as a scientist.

WWW: What do you think is the future of fashion blogging?

VH: I think the digital landscape is constantly changing. Everyone thought that fashion blogging would implode several years ago—that things had become over-saturated (which is true), but the smart influencers and bloggers are evolving and growing beyond their original platforms. Whether that be via video, consulting, or in my case building my own label and brand.

WWW: What Instagram pages or magazines or websites do you visit to feel inspired?

VH: These change constantly but for Instagram, two of my good friends @geneticboi & @lusttforlife are very talented creatives, who create from an honest place. I also read a lot of foreign design magazines (a lot of Japanese ones) that I just pick up whenever I'm in Asia

WWW: And lastly, are you team Snapchat or team Instagram Stories?

VH:Team Snapchat—let's keep it simple!

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