9 Rising Designers Every French Girl Loves

As editors who work in fashion, we admittedly get to experience a lot of cool stuff. From the ongoing events at New York Fashion Week to cocktail hours to fabulous dinners, we have it good. But nothing is quite as great as an invite to Paris.

So when Who's Next and Premiere Classthe city's foremost trade shows for rising clothing and accessories designersreached out and asked us to join them for this season's events, we were more than happy to oblige. And what we saw there was beyond impressive.

There's a reason Paris is still the fashion capital of the world (sorry, New York and L.A.). There's a certain je ne sais quoi about the city that makes people look and feel much more in touch with fashion than the rest of the world does. Fashion seems to be in the air there, so it follows that young designers have a lot of creativity to offer the world. (Plus, as we've discussed ad nauseam, French girls are the most stylish creatures that exist.)

Keep scrolling to learn about the talented rising designers we met in Paris!