This French Outfit-Choosing Trick Is Genius

Caroline de Maigret is the epitome of chill French style. The Chanel ambassador, veteran street style star, model, and author just hosted the inaugural Chanel Style Sessions workshop to mark the launch of, "a lifestyle portal narrated by de Maigret, in partnership with Chanel," as reported by WWD (more on the site here).

The workshop focused on de Maigret's Chanel experiences and favorite pieces throughout the years, and, naturally, her best Parisian style tips. One that stood out to us was her explanation of her genius outfit-choosing method. She said, “When I look in the mirror, I avoid looking at my face so as not to let emotions get in the way. I pretend I’m a stylist and focus on the body detached from the head, funny as that sounds, and then I’m like, Okay, try rolling up the sleeves or adding a belt, little twists to make the look a bit more interesting.”

If you didn't before realize that emotions were likely playing into your decision to wear something or not, make note of your expression in the mirror the next time you're trying something on, and then the next time, instead focus on how the outfit looks on you (sans emotion). 

Keep scrolling to see some of the effortlessly cool outfits de Maigret has worn recently (her trick is clearly working).