This French Model Looks Exactly Like Jane Birkin

One quick scroll through her Instagram photos and one can immediately see that 20-year-old model Louise Follain is the spitting image of a young Jane Birkin. Everything from Follain's effortlessly chic style to her wispy bangs reminds us of the English fashion icon, something Follain and American model Grace Hartzel have in common.

Interestingly enough, Follain tells Byrdie that Birkin is one of her beauty icons, and Vogue recently pointed out that the Parisian's 25K-plus followers on Instagram are constantly tagging her photos with #JaneBirkin. "That's a great compliment," Follain told the magazine.

The resemblance between the two is uncanny, and we have a feeling Follain is about to become a household name.

Keep scrolling to check out photos of Follain, straight from the model's Instagram account.

Do you see the same resemblance we see between Follain and Birkin? Tell us in the comments.