Vogue Paris Says French Brides Have a New Favorite Accessory Trend

As we've mentioned before, French weddings are a bit different than they are in the U.S., as in that they're more of a casual affair, generally speaking. Not only that, but French brides love to have a unique, unconventional element to their look, whether it's in the form of an unexpected shoe or, in this case, an unexpected accessory.

Vogue Paris recently reported that there's a new accessory at the top of every French bride's wish list, which seems to be giving traditional veils a run for their money. The accessory in question is an extremely wide-brimmed straw hat by French designer Jacquemus. Vogue Paris says of the hat, "The straw hat from the [S/S 17] collection has become the focus of everyone’s desires, particularly soon-to-be brides who see it as the perfect bridal accessory."

We did a little digging, and the under-$200 Le Chapeau Santon, as it's called, is currently sold out everywhere, but Jacquemus is currently accepting preorders for delivery in late June. In the meantime, see the hat below (which was worn by every model on the brand's S/S 17 runway), and shop other straw hats that would be lovely for a casual, French-inspired wedding (or just, you know, summer weekends).

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