This Is What a French-Girl Tattoo Looks Like


Sabina Socol

We often talk about French-girl style and that easy, effortless approach to fashion they have down pat. But lately, we’ve been wondering how that attitude translates to other style statements that don’t specifically involve fashion. We’ve noticed small glimpses of tattoos that French girls have, so we were interested in finding out more about their ink choices. To get the inside scoop, we chatted with Parisian Sabina Socol to get her take.

She said of the French-girl approach to tattoos, “I’m not sure you could say there’s a French approach to tattoos, but I’ve always believed there were two teams in life: the ones that have them and the ones that don’t. I’m on team tattoos. I have three tiny tattoos. I got my first one when I was 20—it’s a tiny anchor that I drew myself right near my elbow. It’s cliché, but I don’t regret it. It’s actually my fave (drawing-wise). I got my second one a year after in New York. It says reckless with my own handwriting, and it’s on my wrist. I always laugh about it because when I’m asked to explain it (it’s the one that people can see the most), I’m always like, I’m not reckless at all, but that was a pretty reckless move to just go in the shop (it was a super-cool shop in Williamsburg, and I’ll always remember it!) and get tattooed. And then I think about it, and I guess I can be a little reckless sometimes. That one, even though it’s not super accurate, reminds me of wonderful times and is the one I cherish the most. The last one is a tiny heart on my other wrist, that I got at a party two years ago. If that’s not reckless then what is?”

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