The French-Girl Detail You've Probably Never Noticed

French It bloggers and their Instagrams are overflowing with style inspiration. With the never-ending cool-girl outfit ideas, sometimes we tend to overlook the subtle details in their posts that make them so special. 

In addition to the lighting, filters, and Parisian backgrounds in their 'grams, there's one thing in particular these fashionistas do that takes their OOTDs to the next level. Brace yourself for the très chic styling trick you're about to learn from France's trendiest. Instead of doing the standard look-away-from-the-camera pose, these girls like to mix things up and show a little bit of back. It's a sneaky way of showing a bit of skin.

Next time you're out shopping, get into the French-girl mind set and take that extra second to flip something over. To help get you started, we rounded up some pics to get inspired by along with a few tops that will show off your spine!


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Grab a bold red to make the bodysuit's back design stand out even more. 

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