Not a Dress Girl? This Collection Is for You

We don’t think we’ll ever truly, wholly ditch dresses and skirts (at least this editor couldn’t), but there’s never been a better time to consider trying something different. Think about it: The red carpet is full of celebs who choose (perhaps unexpected) suiting choices to wear to an awards ceremony, pantsuits are as relevant as ever, and should you need a friendly nudge, this video just was released by Free People.

In promotion of the brand’s new lineup of cool, casual, and totally dance-ready pants, the brand has released a video that proves just why this wardrobe staple is such an attractive choice. In short: You can MOVE. Be it oversize and billowy palazzo pairs or adorable overalls with a cinched waist, the appeal of a pair of pants (or even a set) is that it provides freedom for the woman who wears them. She can kick her heels up, run around town, dance until she’s exhausted, and never have to worry about a hem getting in the way or flying up and creating an uncomfortable situation.

Whatever your method of choosing clothes that make you feel powerful and in control, watch on for Free People’s new #FPFreestyle video. It’ll get your toes tapping if nothing else.


Free People

Do you typically favor pants over dresses, or vice versa? Let us know why in the comments, below.