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When we heard that Fossil was designing a series of watch collaborations not with another fashion brand or independent designer but with an interior designer, it caught our attention. In the world of fashion collaborations, there is a pretty standard expectation that mass-market brands will work with designer labels (see H&M's most recent designer collab). But every once in a while, a brand will choose to work with a fellow creative from outside the world of fashion, and the results are usually unique in that way that only a fresh perspective on the industry can give.

Which is exactly what happened when Fossil tapped interior designer Amber Lewis of Amber Interior Design as the first in its new Curator Series, "a collaborative collection of watches fueled by a creative class of artists, interior designers, innovative icons and Fossil designers," notes the brand. Though this marks Lewis's first venture into designing for a fashion brand, the interior designer had a clear inspiration for the watch design. Timeless elements like tortoiseshell and rose-gold hardware mix with perforated leather, resulting in a modern timepiece that feels like something you can wear day in and day out.

Go on to read what Lewis had to say about working with Fossil and how her approach to interiors informed this design project.




WHO WHAT WEAR: Describing your overall design aesthetic.

AMBER LEWIS: I would say if you had to pin me down, it’s really California eclectic. I love layers, texture, colors. I’m known for doing a lot of neutral palettes but then doing a lot of colorful stuff on top of that.

WWW: What did you have in mind during the design process?

AL: I think I just pulled from all the stuff I love anyway. I love rose gold, I love copper, I love brass. So we took a lot of the natural brassy materials and mixed it with tortoise and leatherI use leather all the time. I had this old watch that I was using as inspiration. So I kind of looked at that and was like what can I do with this to make it more modern and fashion-forward?

WWW: What did that vintage watch look like?

AL: It’s kind of this old Rolex that I was obsessed with. It was just like a really simple gold watch face, brass bezel, and a leather strap. I used that and then I was like, You know, I think I like tortoiseshell, and add the tortoise to it, which we did here. And then just the simple leather strap and by perforating the leather, it kind of felt a little bit more modern.

WWW: Describe the woman you design for.

AL: I’m known for mixing high and low. Rugs are really important in my design the same way that bags and jewelry are. But you can’t always do the most expensive bags and most expensive jewelry, so that’s why like these amazing brands that have come out offer this level of design that’s really accessible. Fossil’s the same way. It’s a really accessible brand. It’s really affordable. This is going to be a really affordable collection. And so I think it was a great way [to cater to] the girl who wants to look really chic and really cool and doesn’t have $4000 to spend on a watch or a bag. Or you can. It’s so versatile.

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Who What Wear spoke with Amber Lewis on October 4, 2017.

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