Prediction: L.A. Girls Will Obsess Over These Forever 21 Items

Photo: Collage Vintage 

L.A. is driven by many things, and it's safe to say that fashion is one of them. Since some of the best shopping sites are directly at our fingertips here in the City of Angels, it can often feel like the pressure is on to be dressed to the nines each and every day. Luckily, there is a way to do that without breaking the bank, and it's called Forever 21.

As you know, we love informing you of the latest and greatest new arrivals from the affordable retailer, but this week, we were in for a surprise when scrolling through the new batch of items. Basically, our top picks were so "L.A." it hurt. From oversize denim jackets and dad hats to leggings and furry slides, the L.A. girl in all of us was obsessing beyond belief. I guess it's safe to say that Los Angeles style is officially more affordable than ever thanks to Forever 21.

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