Why Forever 21 Is Actually the #1 Brand Right Now

Last week we shared that Forever 21 is officially the most popular brand among millennials. But why exactly? Well, Business Insider highlighted just why the brand is dominating. According to the site, “Forever 21 is targeting a girl who is not yet interested in purchasing quality clothes. She just wants to look good. And when that girl moves on, another crop of girls will enter Forever 21's throes.”

The name Forever 21 also has a lot to do with the appeal. "To a young woman who can't legally drink yet, turning 21 is the dream. (To an older consumer, being trapped in a 21-year-old's body forever probably sounds horrifying.) But Forever 21 is aspirationally 21," as Liz Dunn, CEO of Talmage Advisors, put it to Business Insider earlier this fall. Fascinating.

Do you love Forever 21? Scroll down to shop our favorite finds from the site right now. And read even more about Forever 21's popularity over at Business Insider.

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